Intervention in situations at risk

Situations at risk Brescia Sollevamenti offers its customers a complete and professional service giving the solution of the problem with the formula LIFTING 360° including:

  • Study of lifting and safety
  • Attached drafting of lifting plan
  • Request permission and disposition
  • Posters machines certified and tested as requested laws
  • Skilled labour and expert in the various sectors:
    • Civil and industrial building collapses (for earthquake, fire, flooding ...)
    • removal equipment damaged (chemical, agricultural, suction ...)
    • Removal elements unsafe (plants, pipelines, bridges ...)
    • Intervention in harsh (irregular funds, works in negative dimensions, difficult accessibility ...)
  • Securing lot
  • Use equipment designed and certified specification
  • Supply and restoration of any element

This type of service allows Brescia Sollevamenti manage the organization of the site and provide its customers with a manager / and a single point of contact.


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